Void Tearer

Name: Void Tearer
Owner: House Vross
Captain: Lord Captain Abel Vross
Hull: Frigate
Class: Sword-class
Dimensions: 1.6 km long, 0.3 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 6 megatonnes
Crew: 26,000
Accel: 4.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration



Void Tearer is one of the oldest ships in the Vross Dynasty’s fleet. Despite its diminutive size, the ship has been favoured by many of the family’s historic Lord Captain’s. It personifies the Big Dick Energy of Abel Vross.

Void Tearer has a reputation as a rugged and durable ship (some even claim indestructable) based off the number of times it has seemed to shrug off damage that could have ended ships twice its size. Less savoury rumours about Void Tearer maintain that the deeper decks are sometimes host to lingering souls of previous inhabitants.



In recent generations Void Tearer has been somewhat neglected by the family due to it’s stubborn machine spirit. The ship was captained by Neriah Vross briefly between M41.722 and M41.734 but was heavily damaged in the Battle of Praetor Reach. The ship spent a decade in dry dock and after that was only used occasionally for cargo runs. This changed when Abel Vross inherited the Warrant of Trade in M41.815 and chose to take Void Tearer as his flag ship – the ship’s first true captain in 82 years. It’s yet to be seen if this will be a new era of glory for Void Tearer or a closing chapter in it’s long life.

Since Abel took over as Captain the ship has been exploring the Koronus Expanse and has endured a number of battles. On the 7th Junius 817.M41 the Void Tearer departed from a meeting with Captain Isaac Vross and was not seen again for over three years. The ship re-emerged on 20th Augustus 820.M41 but the turbulent journey fatally wounded the ship’s navigator and forced the astropath to begin an induced hibernation.

Senior Staff

Title Name Gender Found
Lord Captain Abel Vross M Bridge
First Officer Uriah Vross M Bridge
Ship’s Confessor Iairus Tetalos M Bridge/temple
Chief of Security Fortuna Marinus F Bridge
Enginseer Prime Helios Rux M? Engines
Magos Explorator Ada Gratia F Bridge
High Factotum Hana Mordino F Bridge/shuttle bay
Master Helmsman Lois Vola F Bridge
Master of Ordnance Jessie Nova F Bridge/gun deck
Master of Etherics Edwin Page M Bridge/augar lab
Astropath Kore F Choir-Chamber
Navigator Primaris Lucius Octavian M Bridge/Tower

Launch Bay & Voidcraft

The Void Tearer has a dedicated lighter bay to hold a variety of shuttles and other void craft. The current manifest is as follows;

  • 1x Guncutter. All purpose. Weapons, cargo, living quarters
  • 1x Halo Barge. Massive cargo hauler with no weapons.
  • 3x Chiroperan Scout. Scout/scan vessel with no weapons
  • 4x Arvus Lighter. Small cargo hauler with no weapons

Void Tearer

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