Story So Far

Below is a narrative summary of all the adventures so far since Captain Abel’s maiden voyage. For an organised index of adventures see Adventure Index.


On the 14th Maia 816.M41 (about five months after inheriting the Vross Warrant of Trade) the ambitious Lord Captain Abel Vross arrived at Port Wander with his security and intelligence officer, Fortuna Marinuns. After selecting the ship Void Tearer from his family’s fleet, Lord Vross had spent the last five months assembling a crew and making arrangements to have the venerable ship repaired and outfitted as his flagship.

Into the Maw (Sessions 1-5)

At Port Wander, Vross and Marinus met with some of the new members of Void Tearer’s senior crew. This included the Explorator Ada Gratia, Chief Confessor Iairus Tetalos and Abel’s younger brother Tempestor Prime Uriah Vross.

After meeting Orbest Dray (an elderly officer who served under Abel’s grandfather), the crew inherited a map that may lead to the location of the fabled treasure ship, Righteous Path which vanished centuries ago. The high-value prize drew some unwanted attention from a rival rogue trader house so the crew made haste and departed the station in Void Tearer.

The Legacy of Lord Echo (sessions 6-8)

The Damaris Expedition (sessions 9-13)

The Missing Seneschal (sessions 14-17)

Unnamed Era (sessions 18-present)

Story So Far

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