House Vross

Surname: Vross
Colours: Purple, white
Coat of Arms:
Based: Calixis Sector, Koronus Expanse
Flagship: Void Tearer
Founded: 314.M38
Founder: Melchior Vross
Current head: Abel Vross
Heir: Uriah Vross
Motto: Imperatoris Ad Lucem (By the Emperor’s Light)
Allies: House Octavian, House LeHaine


House Vross is one of the ancient Rogue Trader houses that operates in the Koronos Expanse.



Name Captain Hull Class
Void Tearer Captain Abel Vross Friagate Sword Class
Vigilance Captain Isaac Vross Light Cruiser Endeavour Class
Iron Verdict Captain Cassia LaHaine Light Cruiser Defiant Class
Prince of Pry Captain Gideon LaHaine Frigate Claymore Class
Crimson Blade Captain Faith Vross Raider Cobra Class
Nightingale Captain Grace Vross Frigate Falchion Class
Melchior’s Hand Silvan Vross Transport Vagabond Class

Not in use

Name Hull Class Status
Invictus Light Cruiser Endeavour Class Impounded by Inquisition
? Cruiser Lunar Lost 1200 years ago
Emperor’s Testament Light Cruiser Endeavour Class Lost 100 years ago


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House Vross

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