I don't have time to die – I'm too busy!
Reputed last words of High Lord Goge Vandire.

Marking the Years

The complete Imperial dating system is quite difficult to use while roleplaying so we will only be using it as far as recording the years.

Example: 816.M41 means the 816th year of the 41st millennium (aka 41, 816 AD)

All other times/dates will be recorded based on the Gregorian Calendar and UTC. The names of the months have been modified to sound better suited to the setting;

  1. Ianuarius
  2. Februarius
  3. Martius
  4. Aprilis
  5. Maia
  6. Junius
  7. Julius
  8. Augustus
  9. Septem
  10. Octius
  11. Novem
  12. Decem

Full Explanation

If you are interested in the canon dating system you can find a full explanation here.

For a 40k date converter click here.


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