Uriah Vross

First Officer of the Void Tearer


Name: Uriah Vross
Rank: First Officer
Age: 36
Height: 6’3"
Based: Void
Vessel: Void Tearer
Allegiance: House Vross, The Imperium
Status: Alive
Portrait art by Hokunin



Uriah was born into the wealthy and influential Vross family. The youngest brother of his family, he was not destined to be a future figurehead but still had to follow a strict upbringing. It appeared that this was not suiting Uriah however, and even though he had positive relationships within his family, it soon became apparent that his reckless and borderline illegal behaviour would bring embarrassment on them. Due to this, he was sent to the Militarum Tempestus to recieve it’s harsh military training and to become a Tempestor Scion (Storm Trooper).

His brash and reckless nature suited the role of a Tempestor Scion well, and any rebelliousness was drilled out to be replaced with an undying loyalty to the Emperor and the Imperium of Man. Upon completing his training, Uriah was flung into warzones across the galaxy. Plunging into the chaos of battle by grav-shute from the air, or disembarking from troop carriers cascading through enemy lines.

Uriah was soon singled out for his courageousness and skills in battle and rose through the ranks of the Militarum Tempestus quickly. He was eventually promoted to Tempestor Prime, commanding an entire company of Tempestor Scion Storm Troopers. In this role he orchestrated the destruction of xenos and heretic alike, bringing the Emperor’s wrath wherever it was needed. He was no stranger to the purging of civilisations, his company being brought in to assist the inquisition in the hunt for chaos throughout Imperial worlds many times.
Uriah spent 13 years serving in the Militarum Tempestus. It was often suggested that he revelled in the thrill of battle but this amount of time spent at war takes a toll. Uriah was ready to give his life for the Imperium at any moment, but planned to one day leave to explore another life.

His opportunity came when his brother, Abel, took over as head of House Vross and was planning to re-establish the family’s great legacy. Many strings were pulled so that Uriah could retire from his military life and serve as First Officer of the (ship name.) Uriah would serve the Imperium another way.


Uriah is a grizzled veteran of hundreds of battles and this shows on his grim face. Over a decade of service has made tough carapace armour a second skin to him and he is rarely seen without it. Weapons are always close to his side, usually a pistol and power sword kept from his service along with a rifle that he will often carry when going off-ship. Due to his war injuries, Uriah’s left arm is now completely artificial, made from complex robotics and metal. Uriah has embraced some flexibility in his appearance that he was never previously allowed, growing out his hair and wearing a trench coat and stetson.


Uriah is fiercely loyal to those he serves and still holds a great deal of this loyalty for the Imperium. He has a great distaste for xenos due to his only previous experiences being of destroying them. He has seen the devastation caused by Chaos and will not tolerate any heretic in its service. Whilst understanding that they play a key part in The Imperium, he distrusts Psykers due to their ties to the Warp and potential corruption by Chaos.

Uriah is a shrewd tactician and highly skilled warrior, very at home both receiving orders and commanding others.

Whilst spending most of his life away from his family, he has quickly settled back into his new role of best serving their interests. Just like in the military, he believes the existence of hierarchies and strict organisation are they key to success in any endeavour.

Uriah Vross

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