Iairus Tetalos

Chief Confessor of the Void Tearer


Name: Iairus Tetalos
Rank: Ship’s confessor
Birthplace: Cadia
Age: 42
Height: 6’3
Allegiance: FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!
Status: Alive
Portrait art by Paul Dainton


Iairus was born in 774 M41 to an Imperium-devoted family, who made their way to Cadia after their home planet was overrun by Xenos. After their rescue, his parents were forever in the Imperium’s debt and grew a deep endearment towards the Imperium’s cause.

Joining the Imperial Guard as a Ministorum Priest determined to preach the glorious word of the Emperor to anyone who dare defile his great name, he quickly made a name for himself by being incredibly effective at rallying troops and converting heretics on the battlefield where no other priest could. Many of the Astra Militarum’s victories were secured by Iairus being able to restore the opposition’s faith.

Iairus holds a long standing disdain for Commissars due to their brutal methods of ensuring that wars are won: he much prefers rallying his side through peaceful means. However; for those he could not convert, as some heretics stray too far from the Emperor’s saving embrace; he efficiently applies his own justice with his chainsword.

Due to his acclaimed successes of rallying people to the Emperor’s cause, the Imperium quickly realised that their religious efforts were better aimed towards converting new and forgotten worlds before it got to the point of near-total destruction that war causes. Due to the hubris of the Imperium; they will not admit this is the case. They have dispatched Iairus to join the Rogue Trader ship captained by Abel Voss; Voss’ loyalty to the Emperor was deemed essential for Iairus’ preaching efforts.

Being appointed Ship’s confessor, Iairus aims to spread the word of the Emperor to as many worlds as possible.

Iairus Tetalos

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