Fortuna Marinus

Chief of Security of the Void Tearer


Name: Fortuna Marinus
Titles: Commander
Role/Rank: Master Of Security
Career Path: Seneschal
Age: 29
Height: 6’1"
Vessel: Void Tearer
Status: Alive
Portrait art by Bageumi



A towering figure to some, Commander Marinus can be an intimidating woman. She is always seen in her formal work attire, a symbol of her power and success. While her uniform presents her status, she also used the multiple belts, pouches, and accessories to store weapons and resources. Never seen with her dataslate, you will mostly see her tapping away at the portable console with speed, focus, and determination. From this, she stores the ship’s most important information and it allows her to manage security and issue commands to her staff while on the go.
While vanity is not on her priority list, Marinus takes good care of her appearance. Her hair flows down to her waist; her thick, yet straight, locks almost shimmer in the light with gloss. Her perfectionism, which she applies to her work, reflects her looks; she prides herself on not having a hair out of line. When she gets nervous or stressed, she can be seen subconsciously running her hand over her head, checking her hair and easing her nerves.

Marinus’ skin lacks the usual deep scaring and aging a war veteran or warrior may have. She is sometimes anxious that her youthful appearance may lead her to seem inexperienced. While she has no tattoos visible, her back is entirely covered with a Imperial Cult inspired tattoo. She keeps this mostly a secret – a sacred image not even she can easily view, but it is a constant reminder in the back of her mind, and in her physical form, of her everlasting faith.


Born and raised on a Rogue Trader vessel, Commander Marinus has always lived in the mechanical cities aboard ships. In this way, she often feels unsettled on ground worlds; she is more comfortable on the ship where she can continue her duties to the best of her ability.
Marinus’ loyal and thoughtful nature organically leads to exemplary work, often as the expense of her personal life. Her hard work and effort does not go unnoticed – she prides herself on how fast she can make a good professional impression and the rate in which she has received a command title. Marinus ignores the mutterings and gossip of her supposed betrayal of former Rogue Trader Vross, and instead focuses on the current mission at hand.

Alongside her loyalty to the ship and Vross family, Marinus’ unyeilding faith in The Imperial Cult pushes her ambitions. Every achievement and success she earns, she dedicates in service to the Emperor. In this way, she regularly attends Church and integrates her faith and worshipping into her everyday life, as she has always done.

church.pngDespite her perfectionism and professionalism, Fortuna is not immune to cracking a smile or engaging in fun. While, as a workaholic, she does not have much time for socialising or downtime, she sees her immediate crew and staff as close companions, almost friends. When asked, she expresses her views and opinions, opting for logical and practical approaches over strong emotional ones. This can sometimes be seen a flaw, indicating she is cold and heartless. Likewise, she often displays what others call ‘paranoid behaviour’. She is highly sensible and careful, especially suspicious of outsiders and those she believes may pose threat. At times, this can be rather overly cautious and borderline rude to some, but something she sees as completely necessary.

Ultimately, Marinus wishes that she one day would have enough standing, history, and achievements to become a First Officer within the Rogue Trader’s fleet, continuing to serve the family while taking a leadership role she desires.


Marinus was born aboard the Invictus, the Vross flagship captained by Lord Captain Uriel Vross, to Trinity and Wolfgang Marinus. Her mother worked tirelessly as a senior arbite on the ship; keeping order and fighting crime, while her father worked as an engineer. When Fortuna was only 10, the Invictus had a particularly troublesome journey through the warp, resulting in soul sickness and plague of madness across the ship and crew. Wolfgang was one of many who perished while corrupted and mutated. In the days after, Trinity adopted three other children, orphaned in the incident; Bastiaan, Alegra, and Sabina.

The rest of Fortuna’s childhood was reasonably uneventful. Growing up on the Invictus indoctrinated her in idealising the Vross family, and even up to present day, Commander Marinus has never known any other home than aboard a Rogue Trader’s vessel.


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Mother: Judge Trinity Marinus, alive aboard a fellow Vross vessel
Father: Wolfgang Marinus, deceased
(Adopted) Brother: Bastiaan Marinus, alive (rich playboy sugarbaby)
(Adopted) Sister: Allegra Marinus, alive (married with children)
(Adopted) Sister: Sabina Marinus, alive, engineer

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Fortuna Marinus

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