Caldius Calgari

Infamous soldier looking for purpose.


Name: Caldius Calgari
Rank: Lieutenant Grenadier General
Birthplace: Kreig
Age: 36
Height: 6’0
Vessel: Void Tearer
Allegiance: The Imperium
Status: Alive
Portrait art by Karl Kopinski


Astra Militarum Data Archive

Account of Lieutenant Grenadier General Caldius Calgari. 98th brigadier Legion.

Status: Dead (presumed killed during incursion with Tyranid hive fleet orbiting ████)

Personality: Commanding leader of the Krieg Grenadier squadron, Strict leader and commander bringing through the ranks multiple guardsman to the levels of lieutenant and even commissars.
Picked for leadership, Commissar position offered after several successful operations, stubbornness to advance in leadership due to camaraderie with troops, strong beliefs in leadership on the front lines.
Inducted into the Krieg Death Korps. Krieg is a broken death world producing warriors not afraid of death shown this with outstanding bravery in the face of adversity.

History: names of battles, people hes met, forces hes faced, planets and ships hes been aboard
Grunt: Exploratory Expedition support team of Planet: Berien VI Death world Unidentified Metallic creatures. had been discovered in a Tomb of significant interest, Toxicity levels meant it was not suitable to the likes of generic impreium militarum. reports of absentees from returning scientific mission, Exploratory missions conducted within the tomb found metallic sarcophagi containing metallic humanoids understood to now be Necron. expedition teams discovered power-cells now active, reported previously dormant see scribe Aphilius notes reports of explosions and las-fire from tomb reported. Krieg corps grunt Caldius Calgari seen 2 days later returning carrying commanding lieutenant Silbannacus Sorjik Vlachen having both sustained wounds. what follows is an account by grunt Caldius Calgari field report.

Berien VI a routine support operation, not exactly the most interesting first posting for a deathkorp soldier but here we are. we have arrived at this desolate tomb the tech priest is highly interested in symbols marked on walls and has gained access to an inner sanctum. Great sarcophagi line the walls of this hall with greenish fog rising from vents. we have located the initial scientific squad, they have great lacerations to their chests and arms most likely a attempt at self defence of a greater threat, a sarcophagi has been broken open. 2 large turbines seem active green glow seems to emit from them. We have barricaded a side chamber, the tech priest attempted contact it believed they could be reasoned with they were wrong. lieutenant Vlachen has devised a grand krieg charge into the fray, bayonets attached Monoswords drawn we charged, initial line was killed instantly as green beams fired over us as we covered behind our fallen bretherin round after round we fired las-gun in hand Vlachen led the final charge of 8 of us collecting 42 Krak Grenades., Vlachan pushed us forward shielding us as beam after beam hit him as he stumbled through the entrance i released the Krak grenades Closing the cursed entrance of the metal tomb and dragging Vlachen to distance. Trauma kit was applied wounds had been closed but lieutenant was unresponsive. we began returning to outpost Herald other guardsman became unresponsive and collapsed in the poison atmosphere their filter systems damaged in the fighting i was the only one remaining. urgent medical care was provided upon arrival Vlachan fell in to a coma of which im not sure the outcome.
Planet status: Renounced marked for Exterminatus

Lieutenant: Promotion to Lieutenant factors included loss of current lieutenant Vlachen. Destruction of Necron Tomb, rescue of lieutenant Vlachen and sole surviving member of exploratory mission. First posting deathworld Macchus. Xenos reported destroyed, clear and destroy mission engaged, Lieutenant Caldius Calgari sent on forward search through abandoned Garramin refining facility, Xenos reported consuming Gerramin creating sickly mutations of creatures. Caldius engaged heavy detachment of Xenos, reports of mindless violence more extreme than previously seen, Refining facility destroyed in destruction of remaining Xenos Lieutenant Caldius Calgari presumed dead during self sacrifice to destroy facility Lieutenant Caldius Calgari squad arrives with minor losses Caldius arrives 10 hours later strike death from records.

Captain: Appointment to Captain after success in previous campaigns

Major: Platoon of troops requisitioned by [Redacted] to Repel [Redacted] upon arrival the world was prepped for [redacted] consumption. Planet altering machines [Redacted] had created a toxic atmosphere, The Death korps prepared to fight for control of the citadel with the aim to destroy the final machine, shock troops would then clear and destroy. Calgari fought leading the front lines a majority of his platoon were killed with close combat and few preparations, reported Major Calgari lead the direct charge into the heart of the swarm. with the remaining guardsman he led a small group of reported 12 guardsman to the final machine and set charges around the base destroying it, his meeting with Uriah Vross led to the joint operation to reclaim the citadel, Uriah Vross has requested specific support from Major Calgari on following missions citing his sheer willpower to crush the [redacted] Planet [redacted] status: Exterminatus.

Lieutenant Grenadier General:


Possessions: Recouped all 3072 Fallen Guardsman under his command.


Caldius Calgari

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