Ada Gratia

Magos Explorator of the Void Tearer


Name: Ada Gratia
Role/Rank: Explorator
Birthplace: Mars
Height: 5’8
Allegiance: Cult Mechanicus, House Vross
Status: Alive
Portrait art by Veronni


Ada can often be seen slinking around in her traditional, yet well worn robes. She is not one for appearances, the life of an Explorator is busy, hectic and often messy, over time Ada just couldn’t be bothered to repair her robes unless necessary and has taken quite a liking to the odd holes and rips. Due to her hood, mask, and various bionic facial implants, her face is obscured, however in the dark you’ll see two illuminated lenses peering at you.

Whilst maybe looking like a husk of a person, her personality is one of anything but. Ada has learned that keeping an upbeat jovial spirit helps one deal with all the trials and tribulations encountered in an already bleak and miserable universe. However sometimes this approach can seem a bit out of place, Ada has known to joke about morbid situations and wind up the captain with her quips. As a Tech Priest, Ada is devoted to the Omnissiah and the teachings of the Cult Mechanicus, she takes pride in being able to explore and take place in the Quest For Knowledge, whilst some would look down on her or regard her as a necessary evil, Ada thoroughly enjoys her role and will not stop in the pursuit of further knowledge, and to Ada all knowledge is good knowledge.

Ada Gratia

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