Abel Vross

Lord Captain of the Void Tearer


Name: Abel Vross
Rank: Lord Captain
Birthplace: Scintilla
Age: 51
Height: 5"11
Based: Space
Vessel: Void Tearer
Allegiance: House Vross
Status: Alive
Portrait art by Veronni



Abel Vross wears the typical formal dress of an Imperial Navy Officer, covered in decorations/awards from his Navy Career. He also has adornments typical of wealthy Rogue Traders, such as ornate shoulder pauldrons and rings, and red and gold heraldry. He carries a Master-Crafter Power Sword called Gaunt’s Talon, a family relic.

Abel is bald with short greying facial hair. He bears a scar on his face that crosses his right eye, which he received in battle against a Drukhari raiding party.


Abel serves as the head of House Vross, and Lord Captain of the Sword-class Frigate, Void Tearer.

While he takes enormous pride in bearing his family name, House Vross has lost a great deal of it’s wealth and influence over the centuries, and Abel blames this on the arrogance and inexperience of his predecessors. He saw family members become lazy and complacent, fettering away their fortunes while embarking on foolhardy ventures, more often losing their investments than gaining any return.

From a young age, Abel realised from his family’s mistakes that very little about sailing the stars can be learnt in an imperial academy or from a private family tutor. Upon completing his education Abel threw himself into a career in the imperial Navy, determined not to follow down the same path of his predecessors. He emerged a seasoned officer, returning home to claim his inheritance of his family’s Warrant of Trade, and determained to regain his family houses’ lost honour, glory and wealth.


Despite a strong sense of pride in his own abilities, Abel concedes that he can benefit a great deal from the experience of others, and cannot rely purely on his own skills to run a successful Rogue Trader Empire.. Therefore, he has gathered an assembly of trusted cohorts and staff through his Navy service and travels , ranging from the sons of nobles to the lowest born scum of the galaxy.

Abel is loyal to the Emperor, but also enjoys the flexibility given to a Rogue Trader in how they conduct their conquests. He takes advice sincerely from those he trusts, and is not afraid to consider the less than conventional advice offered by the scallys in his employ. However, he ultimately considers his own word law on his ship.

While usually a reasonable individual, Abel will quickly anger at those who insult his family and house, and has little patience for ineptitude. He also is a regular user of Lho-Leaf, an addiction he picked up while in the Imperial Navy, which he smokes in the form of a cigar during stressful situations or while planning.

Abel Vross

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