Rogue Trader: Into the Void

The Suite Life

- The Orlana entered the chamber. Abel noted mixed feelings of hope, concern, dread, profit, shock etc.

- The Orlana welcomed the group and said it was a great honour to meet them. It appeared to speak through its gills with a harmonica-esque tone and resonance.

- Translation was made via another hooded figure, but Gratia attempted a recording to see if she could discern the language, but it was completely alien to her

- The Orlana quickly left after the greeting citing responsibilities to attend to. Abel left a message with a serf advising they’d like to arrange a more in-depth meeting with The Orlana as soon as possible.

- The group were ushered out and taken to a massive penthouse suite of a gorgeous hotel.

- Gratia made arrangements to reach out to Farah to see if she knew anything about the previous visitors to the system and failing that, attempt to see if anyone else knew about them.

- Arrangements were made to have Void Tearer’s hull damage repaired, and for envoys to be given tours of Void Tearer. Arrangements were made to keep the guests in the prow well away.

- The group were kindly requested to stay in the hotel, which particularly frustrated Tetalos who wished to walk the streets and spread the word of The Emperor.

- Tetalos made arrangements to bring missionaries down to the planet. Unclear if the missionaries successfully made planetfall.

- The rest of the day was spent engaging in recreational activities within the hotel.

- The next day was spent touring the city lead by a guide. Upon return, Gratia received word from Farah with contact details on how to reach her.

- Gratia and Abel spoke to Farah about the previous visitors to the system. Farah described them as having similar titles to the Lord Captain and his retinue and being members of House Dure, which the retinue remembered as an inactive house that was either dead or had disappeared. The ship had crashed there, and members of the crew and House had assimilated into the population.

- Several museums existed, arrangements were made to visit one on the next tour.

- Marinus asked Farah about The Children of Solar. Farah described them as an increasingly dangerous organisation that was becoming bolder in their attacks. The Children were relatively fractured with splinter groups.

- On the next tour it was clear that the guides wished to keep the group on a railroad tour and not let them explore further into the city.

- The museum held pictures of Captain Dure, a wrecked command throne, pictures of a parade celebrating the new arrivals as long lost brethren. More evidence to show Captain Dure and her crew had assimilated into The Alliance.

- Mid tour the guide received a call and became very worried, advising the group they needed to return to the hotel immediately. It appeared a terrorist attack had occurred. On the way back to the ship Marinus managed to make contact with Vola who confirmed all was well on the ship.

- The guides requested to confiscate communication devices, which the group refused. The group were escorted to their suite and then locked in.

- Further contact was attempted with Void Tearer but communications appeared jammed with no signal. No other communication devices in the suite were working.

- Gratia managed to Jury rig a connection to news reports via terminal and signal cables in the walls of the suite. News reported a terrorist attack in the name of Terra by The Children of Solar.

+Private Log Entry: Commander Fortuna Marinus +

  • Captain’s log was edited for clarity and spelling errors before publication.
  • As per Void Tearer security procedure 15a subsection 2, Master Helmsman Lois Vola was made aware of the current situation (and dangers) on the planet and was warned of any potential boarders.
  • Children Of Solar: Fractured expansionists. Be wary.
  • Private Note: Be sure to look up House Dure when arrival back in Imperial Space. Their vessel seemingly crashed onto Urmia Prime around 2,000 years ago. Since then, I believe, their warrant was dissolved due to inactivity.

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