Rogue Trader: Into the Void

Rosemarie, I hardly knew ye

Travel plans are made to visit Rosemarie Lahaine on her death bed on Hendia, and journey begins from Port Wonder

Gratia and skitari meet to discuss the Blackstone tablet, and the Navigator family’s request to hand over all Blackstone related materials

Land on Hendia and meet with Governor Asha , then on to meet Rosemarie

Abel and Uriah meet with Rosemarie, who is in ill health and semi conscious. They talk for some time, and mention of Selah comes up, who’s whereabouts the Vrosses are looking into in regards to a potential Heir.

Lehaine in her semi lucid state mentions Selah did stay with the Lehaines on Hendia and maintained quarters there, but she had not visited in some time.

Through various bluffs and demands from authority, access was granted to Selahs room

Among Selahs belongings was a wall safe that was cracked. Examination of the safe indicated the opening of the safe had sent out an electronic signal, off planet.

Contents included:

Navis Nobilitee Pistol,

two journals, gratia took

A liquid nitrogen sealed container

Various pieces of jewellery

A DigiTech ring

Techi staff take flask back to ship for examination

Open up flask by cold fusion engine to discover a liquid vial with a green glow

Data was sent to Marinus, who recognized evidence of tyranid biomass

Conveyed this information to the captain. Selahs intent with the biomass is unknown.

Various further visits with Rosemarie over the course of stay.