Rogue Trader: Into the Void

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

25th Decem M40.841

- Conversations were briefly continued with Celeste regarding the Navigator of House Dure, and a potential lineage – however Celeste confirmed the Navigators chose not to breed. It’s clear if Void Tearer was to leave the system reliably and travel far, they may need the assistance of a Twana.

- Gratia attempted to vox Vola again for a situation report, and to see if there were any mentions of the crew in media. Vola explained it was a constant battle between the ship’s comms attempting to reach the planet and the comm blackout.

- Abel told Vola to get the ship out from the docking station and into orbit. The crew told Celeste they needed to make way back to the ship urgently. The operations centre was rapidly packed up, and the crew were ushered to the surface and driven away from the compound.

- The crew were herded into a shuttle with a large group of vagrants, criminals and ne’er do wells. The shuttle left the planet and headed towards Void Tearer.

- Communication was made with Void Tearer to identify our shuttle. Vola was still in communication with the spaceport arguing to leave, who were threatening to fire on Void Tearer if it did.

- Finally the shuttle reached Void Tearer’s shuttle bay, and the members of Children of Solar began to herd out the refugees. A brief period of confusion ensued and it became clear that bringing the refugees aboard was part and parcel with bringing the crew and the Children of Solar to Void Tearer.

- Abel addressed the refugees, then had them organised into work roles and lodgings.

- The crew headed with Celeste to the bridge to get a breakdown of the current situation. Gratia oversaw the uploading of information brought along by the Children of Solar to the ships computers, such as maps, intelligence etc of the planet below.

-The maps provided by Celeste were used to speed away to a marked location way outside orbit. Communication disruption codes were used to aid in the escape.

- The station threatened to open fire, but utlimately did not. Void Tearer reached the safety of outer orbit.

-Morale is low. Next steps uncertain.

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