Rogue Trader: Into the Void

Get The Hell Out Of This Town

24th Decem M40.841

- Abel checked the door for signs of activity on the other side. Muffled conversation could be heard but nothing distinguishable.

- Marinus surveyed the Capitol building with her monoculars from the suite balcony. Observed flashing lights and sirens, vehicles that appeared to be first responders and service workers rushing to the building. Marinus estimated the buildng to be 1-2km away.

- Decision was made to sneak Calgari out of the suite to see if he could get closer to the Capitol and possibly our shuttle. Calgari changed into hooded street clothes and used Marinus’s grapple hawk to descend from the balcony, successfully landing unnoticed in an alleyway.

- Gratia noted her vox crackling on and off, in and out of a signal. The faint signal came from a channel created by Enginseer Rux, linked to all tech priests. Gratia managed to establish the channel and hooked up to her servo skull.

- Vola’s voice came through. Each party appraised the other of the situation at hand. Void Tearer was being slowly approached by several other ships moving in orbit.

- Shortly after the doors to the suite opened, and a young man dressed as a guard hurried in and addressed the group in broken gothic. He advised they were in danger and that he knew a way out of the hotel. The group assessed the man and decided he was being earnest, Tetalos noting all the hallmarks of a zealot. The man identified himself as Ramak.

- Ramak led the group down through a lift into the basement, through an access hatch to the sewers below. After walking for some time they exited through a manhole to an awaiting cab. The cab driver was heavily tattooed and smoking a cigar. The cab drove them to the outskirts of town, where the driver advised them to get on the next train and go to the last top.

- Abel asked the man why they were in danger, and he explained they were believed to be to blame for the attack and were to be arrested.

- The group boarded the train which almost immediately entered a tunnel, leaving them unable to contact the ship.

- Calgari scaled several buildings to observe the attack site. Security cordons had been set up,and a large destruction radius from bombs. The place was crawling with emergency responders and security force vans.

- Calgari managed to lure a guard away into an alleway, secure him, and take his uniform. He managed to work his way past several layers of security into the Capitol buolding, where he observed more evidence of explosions but no sign of the Council, if they were alive.

- Calgari managed to hijack a security vehicle back to the hotel, which he saw swarming with armed security. Believing the group to be arrested, he fled into the back alleys of the city among the homeless population.

- The train came above ground around 2 hours after departing. Vox communication was re-established with Void Tearer, who reported Alliance ships closing in.

- The group were driven further until they arrived at a bunker. They were led through the bunker, passing many further strange men and women heacily tattooed, some with crude Aquilas.

- They were led to what appeared to be a command room. A large table covered in maps and plans covered the table, and upon entering, those surrounding the table were initially protective of the person sitting behnd it.

- The person on the far side of the table revealed themselves to be a young woman who led the members of the Children of Solar. she told the story of House Dure’s arrival to the planet, and how she was a direct descendent of their lineage, carrying down a psyker gene.

- She tried to explain how the Children of Solar we justified in their actions, oppressed from spreading their religion.

-Communication received from Void Tearer confirming Alliance ships were moving in aggressively.

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