Rogue Trader: Into the Void

Calgari's first and last

  • We launched during the chaos of the approach the ship providing great camouflage under the guise of surrender, the close approach meant fewer ships could be picked off before landing.
  • We approached the landing dock which appeared to be surrounded by a field generator.
    Cluggen took the shot at the shields with the onboard guns, Calgari took over and hitthe shield generator seconds before the cutter crashed into them, Calgrai led the fight off the cutter and Valentinian protected the rest of the group with their shield charging fourth bullets and las rounds ricocheting off the large boarding shield.
  • Regena – noticed a darker glass that may have a command structure hidden behind issuing cover fire Calgari utilised the meltagun on the window and ordered Cluggen to open fire but missed his shots… AGAIN!
  • Valentinian & Regena – move up to a side door and gain an exit route out of the hanger bay.
  • Calgari and Cluggen provide cover fire but Cluggan is a man possessed and instead of aiming is just holding down the trigger and swinging the gun in every direction.
  • Pluvius is shot as 3 more Calgari elite move over to the door and is wounded
    Regena was able to get the Calgari elite to lift the bulkhead door with their shovels! Once open they encountered 2 engineers trying to seal the door shut Valentinian over powers one and Regena shocks one to death with their power glove.
  • We encounter small groups as we fight our way through the tunnels of the ship, but is quiet compared to the shuttle bay, the groups we do encounter are simple soldiers with minimum training clearly not expecting to be fighting in close quarters.
  • We made it to an elevator, blowing the doors and repelling 7 floors we were able to capture an engineer who we forced to show us the direction to the bridge after a while and using the engineering tunnels we approached a vented wall which we were able to cut through and utilise to gain access to the lower levels approaching the bridge.
  • Cluggen lead the way using the meltagun to clear the way for the rest of the squad upon reaching the end of the shaft he noticed 2 larger armed guards, bursting with surprise he unloaded the meltagun into them and killed them both.
  • We then encountered small arm fire as a group approached us, we returned fire until a toxic gas begun to fill the room, we equipped rebreathers and melted our way through the bulkhead doors.
  • Ahead of us we heard conflict and came upon 2 groups infighting identifying a group who were rebelling against the captain we provided support and killed the soldiers an alliance begun as we approached the bridge.
  • In the corridors approaching the bridge the fighting became intense and we lost our brother Dargus, seeing his death we led a charge and killed the the group ahead
    We then located the security bridge with another helmet i had previously seen on the bridge of the satellite, Pluvis offered his service and joined the helmet and we left a group with him to protect him including Valentinian.
  • We are then able to find the doors to the bridge heavy bulk doors that the melta could not burn through after some effort and Pluvius able to bond somehow we opened the door and it was empty, we entered cautiously.
  • That is when Regena spotted movement across their laser sight invisible creatures approached with razor sharp blades, sustaining minor wounds we dispatched them and approached a large metallic egg in the centre of the room.
  • The group that joined us attempted to open the egg with no luck we had to find a way within the egg itself, we utilised Regenas glove and supercharged it providing a shock through the egg and trying to short the controls within, we did this multiple times as we then finally killed whatever was inside Regena giving her life to complete the task, a crispy shared corpse fell out of the pod and we could see another helmet within the case.

Final words of Caldius Calgari

The boarding action was a success but their numbers are overwhelming. We knew this was a one way trip and we did what was required of us, we gave our lives for the rest of the crew.
The ship is captainless and drifts into the darkness of space, the alarms of alert scream all around us in panic as the ship beckons for directions, i can hear the sound of guns behind us now captain, there is few of us left now and i dont see us leaving, not the way we came in at least, if these are the last words i report captain May the Void Tearer soar and never fade into the dark may the emperor protect and guide you.

In Life, War. In death, peace, In life, shame. In death, Atonement!


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