Rogue Trader: Into the Void

Battle Report: Battle of the Throne

27th Decem M40.841

You’ve been led astray by false prophets, and a diluted faith. Cowering in the dark on the edge of the galaxy, tending to the meagre flame of your heretical religion. Your Doom was inevitable.
Chief Confessor Iairus Tetalos of The Void Tearer
You are Blind, Deaf, and open to the void. You will communicate your total surrender or be destroyed. If your commanders are too proud or foolish to make the right descision to save your sorry souls, I suggest you take matters into your own hands

You have one Solar hour to comply. Our Guns Never Tire.
Lord Captain Abel Vross


- Communication from Officer Page indicate two Light Cruiser size ships are rapidly approaching the substation.

- Void Tearer and 3 CoS ships detach from the substation and form a front, aiming to meet the Alliance ships head on.

- After Circa 2 hours Alliance Light cruiser ships with attached frigates come into full view and augur range.

- Communications from the Alliance ships demands a total surrender, offering fair hearing and trial in return. Abel rebuffs this offer and demand the Alliance ships stand down. No response to this communication.

- Alliance ships maintain course towards the substation. Void Tearer successfully carries out extensive maneuvers to move in behind the Alliance ships.

- Augur array scans identify trios of Macrocannon batteries on the Alliance Cruisers and torpedo capabilities. Comm interference successfully jams communications of Alliance Cruiser 1.

- CoS ship Zigma accelerates and makes contact with Alliance Cruiser 1, causing minor damage. Boarding shuttles are dispatched and an unknown number make contact with Alliance Cruiser 1. Friendly casualties unknown. Location and condition of Lieutenant Calgari unknown.

- Void Tearer opens fire on Alliance Cruiser 2. Macrocannon fire is absorbed by Cruiser void shields. Sunspear Lasers successfully overpower void shields and a sufficient portion of the barrage strikes and destroys the augur array of Alliance Cruiser 2, significantly impeding their targeting capabilities.

- CoS ships Zigma and Zeta affect Macrocannon Battery Fire on Cruisers 1 and 2 to no effect.

- Alliance ship 2 attempts to turn and fire on CoS ships, to no effect. Alliance ship 1 continues forwards and turns, firing on CoS ship Zeta, affecting minimal damage. Frigate fire out of range or ineffectual. Ships now in range of Substation Throne Macrocannons.

- Void Tearer continues pressure , following in the wake of Alliance Cruiser 2 and opening fire. Macrocannon fire overpowers void shields and effects significant damage to Alliance Cruiser 2’s dorsal fin, rendering dorsal Macrocannon battery unusuable. . Sunspear Lasers overpower void shields and cause significant damage to Alliance Cruiser 2’s engines, significantly impeding maneuverability. CoS frigates Macrocannon fire ineffectual. Substation Macrocannon fire ineffectual

- Lord Captain Abel Vross opens communications to Alliance Fleet, once again demanding their surrender, and demand Alliance crew overthrow Alliance officers if they refuse to surrender to save themselves.

- Alliance Cruiser 2 and frigates manage to maneuver and fire upon Void Tearer and CoS frigates Zeta and Zi. Macrocannon fire ineffectual and absorbed by Void Shields.

- Alliance Cruiser 1 continues course, making no attempt to maneuver or open fire, indicating some success from boarding parties. *

- Void Tearer once again opens fire on Alliance Cruiser 2. All fire absorbed by Void shields. CoS frigate Macrocannon fire ineffectual. Subtstation Macrocannon fire ineffectual

- Chief Confessor Tetalos opens communications to Alliance Fleet, branding them heretics but offering them redemption if they surrender. Lord Captain Abel Vross demands the Alliance Fleet surrender within the next solar hour or be destroyed.

- Alliance Ships rout, enacting full retreat from substation space. Estimated loss of crew from Alliance Cruiser 2: 10,000.


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