Rogue Trader: Into the Void

Battle of the Throne Part II

Commissioned by Lord Captain Abel Vross to be created by Servitor Unit æ12:tʃ42 in his pre-occupation

The battle continues as we engage in combat with our enemies. They attempted to regroup and continued firing on our frigates, managing to destroy Frigate A’s Augur Array We hailed them and requested their surrender, but received no response.

We sent a message to Calgari, hoping he received it and would bring his ship around to assist us. Enemy frigate exchanged fire with the space station, causing minor damage to the station and a depressurization that resulted in a fire in the frigate’s weapon systems.

Our friendly transport ship was hit by macrocannon fire from two frigates and the light cruisers, resulting in significant damage to the engines and a major fire onboard. The Void Tearer, our flagship, maneuvered to the enemy’s flank and fired into the new cruiser, causing damage to the hull and resulting in a fire in their macrocannon batteries.

FIre from the space station knocked out Alliance Frigate 1’s sensor array and the fire quickly spread.

The Cruiser Taken over by Calgari came to a halt, suffering from a series of explosions along the hull. A transport ship suffered further damage from the frigate’s attack, resulting in catastrophic damage and the ship being destroyed.

The fire on Alliance Cruiser 3 continued, causing minor hull damage. However, the same cruiser’s broadside caused massive damage to the Void Tearer, reducing our crew population to only 29%, and causing significant damage to all areas of the ship. We returned fire and depressurized the macrocannon on Cruiser 3, while the station fired on the cruiser’s thrusters, damaging its maneuverability.

Warning feeds were everywhere, and the usurped cruiser fell to pieces from a series of explosions, breaking in half and becoming a space hulk. One of the enemy frigates caught fire from further macrocannon fire, and Cruiser 3’s broadside to our transport ship was ineffective. More fire was exchanged between the Void Tearer and the old cruiser, but to no effect.

Finally, our macrocannon fire from the station depressurized the macrocannon on the port side of the enemy ship. Our transport ship tried to ram Cruiser 3, but the attempt was ineffective and resulted in more damage to our own ship. Fire continued to spread on the enemy frigate and the Void Tearer set fire to the crew apartments on Alliance cruiser B.

Despite the chaos of battle, Tetalos’s stirring speeches managed to lift our morale. We continue to fight with all our might, and I am confident that we will emerge victorious.

Huge spikes in warp energy reported from Augur Array and reports of ship translating into orbit. Vross scout ship followed by entire Vross fleet translated into real space, causing a rapid retreat of Alliance ships. Communications established with Vross fleet , regroup organised.

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