Rogue Trader: Into the Void

Battle for the Throne Part III: Finale

The Void Tearer has sustained significant damage, and Abel’s heart weighs heavy as I make the difficult decision to order the destruction of the Alliance cruisers. Abel gives the command to let loose the torpedoes from the light cruiser, Vigilance. All Vross ships have now fallen into formation around the Void Tearer, providing support and protection.

Abel issues the order for unconditional surrender and boarding parties are arranged to escort the Alliance leaders to the space station.
Vross family gather aboard the Vigilance, where potential marriage alliances are discussed, and meetings with the Navigator house family.

There is also news that Rosemarie Lehaine is ill, and arrangements made to visit upon return to imperium space.

Commander Marinus goes to see her mother.

There is a silence regarding the death of Abel’s mother and the Inquisition.

Discussions are made on how to keep the alliance system under imperial control, as anti-Imperial sentiment will run high making negotiations difficult.

Attempts made to locate a Penan unsuccessful

We leave a contingent of ships behind with Cassia in charge along with Silvan, Iron Verdict, and Melchior’s hand.

An arranged marriage is organized between Silvan and Celeste to improve imperium alliance relations, which both parties are keen to. Abel also uses this as an opportunity to honour the legacy of house dure, bringing it to a fitting noble end.

We have a new Navigator, Andromeda Octavian, who wears a veil.

There is also a discussion about Uriah wanting to lead the military component of the Void Tearer and not be the heir to the Vross family leadership which Abel agrees to, acknowledging a new heir will be requiresd

Warp travel was seamless, and we have dropped in near Port Wander a day prior to the Vross fleet leaving.

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