Rogue Trader: Into the Void

Four Quests and a Funeral

Vross and Uriah visit Rosemarie on her deathbed, who appears to be nearing her end. Rosemarie is not in a lucid state and mistakes Abel for his Grandfather.

Rosemarie laments about Mara Vross’s fate, murmuring about how she “pursued the wrong whispers and was drawn into the wrong battles”

She then spoke on how Nariah was obsessed with “completing Albin’s quest”, although he ultimately was unsuccessful. No details divulged around what Albin’s quest was

Albin is survived by a close friend, Nex, in the shipyards of Opus Mecharius, a large forgeworld in the same sector as the Lehaine Estate.

Entourage mindful that they have several threads to follow.

Gratia and Skitari take a lighter out to the relay station the signal from the safe was traced to. They discover unsanctioned tech – an Astropath in an Astropathic cocoon in a meditative state, used to relay messages.

Gratia and Skitari request the cargo bay is made ready for zero grav, so that the station can be captured and landed in the cargo bay.

Marinus reads further into Selah’s journal, discovered stories of Albin. Marinus uncovers new information mentioning Neesha – the alien xenologist contact, who was apparently also known to Mara. Selah had uncovered that Neesha’s grandma was involved with Albin to some extent.

Rosemarie Lehaine passes away.

Her funeral is held weeks later on the estate with the Vross’s joining the procession.

At the wake, Marinus scouts for potential matches for Abel, and identifies 3 potential candidates:

Esta LeHaine

Astrid Drampmyre
Kristus DeLacius

The Astropath is recovered from the relay station and taken to medbay

A new crack crew is successfully recruited from the Lehaine system to replace the losses suffered in the failed warp travel and battles with The Alliance

Skitari recieveds a warning from an old ghost during a turbulent warp jump- Primus Theta should not be trusted.

Rosemarie, I hardly knew ye

Travel plans are made to visit Rosemarie Lahaine on her death bed on Hendia, and journey begins from Port Wonder

Gratia and skitari meet to discuss the Blackstone tablet, and the Navigator family’s request to hand over all Blackstone related materials

Land on Hendia and meet with Governor Asha , then on to meet Rosemarie

Abel and Uriah meet with Rosemarie, who is in ill health and semi conscious. They talk for some time, and mention of Selah comes up, who’s whereabouts the Vrosses are looking into in regards to a potential Heir.

Lehaine in her semi lucid state mentions Selah did stay with the Lehaines on Hendia and maintained quarters there, but she had not visited in some time.

Through various bluffs and demands from authority, access was granted to Selahs room

Among Selahs belongings was a wall safe that was cracked. Examination of the safe indicated the opening of the safe had sent out an electronic signal, off planet.

Contents included:

Navis Nobilitee Pistol,

two journals, gratia took

A liquid nitrogen sealed container

Various pieces of jewellery

A DigiTech ring

Techi staff take flask back to ship for examination

Open up flask by cold fusion engine to discover a liquid vial with a green glow

Data was sent to Marinus, who recognized evidence of tyranid biomass

Conveyed this information to the captain. Selahs intent with the biomass is unknown.

Various further visits with Rosemarie over the course of stay.

Battle for the Throne Part III: Finale

The Void Tearer has sustained significant damage, and Abel’s heart weighs heavy as I make the difficult decision to order the destruction of the Alliance cruisers. Abel gives the command to let loose the torpedoes from the light cruiser, Vigilance. All Vross ships have now fallen into formation around the Void Tearer, providing support and protection.

Abel issues the order for unconditional surrender and boarding parties are arranged to escort the Alliance leaders to the space station.
Vross family gather aboard the Vigilance, where potential marriage alliances are discussed, and meetings with the Navigator house family.

There is also news that Rosemarie Lehaine is ill, and arrangements made to visit upon return to imperium space.

Commander Marinus goes to see her mother.

There is a silence regarding the death of Abel’s mother and the Inquisition.

Discussions are made on how to keep the alliance system under imperial control, as anti-Imperial sentiment will run high making negotiations difficult.

Attempts made to locate a Penan unsuccessful

We leave a contingent of ships behind with Cassia in charge along with Silvan, Iron Verdict, and Melchior’s hand.

An arranged marriage is organized between Silvan and Celeste to improve imperium alliance relations, which both parties are keen to. Abel also uses this as an opportunity to honour the legacy of house dure, bringing it to a fitting noble end.

We have a new Navigator, Andromeda Octavian, who wears a veil.

There is also a discussion about Uriah wanting to lead the military component of the Void Tearer and not be the heir to the Vross family leadership which Abel agrees to, acknowledging a new heir will be requiresd

Warp travel was seamless, and we have dropped in near Port Wander a day prior to the Vross fleet leaving.

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Battle of the Throne Part II

Commissioned by Lord Captain Abel Vross to be created by Servitor Unit æ12:tʃ42 in his pre-occupation

The battle continues as we engage in combat with our enemies. They attempted to regroup and continued firing on our frigates, managing to destroy Frigate A’s Augur Array We hailed them and requested their surrender, but received no response.

We sent a message to Calgari, hoping he received it and would bring his ship around to assist us. Enemy frigate exchanged fire with the space station, causing minor damage to the station and a depressurization that resulted in a fire in the frigate’s weapon systems.

Our friendly transport ship was hit by macrocannon fire from two frigates and the light cruisers, resulting in significant damage to the engines and a major fire onboard. The Void Tearer, our flagship, maneuvered to the enemy’s flank and fired into the new cruiser, causing damage to the hull and resulting in a fire in their macrocannon batteries.

FIre from the space station knocked out Alliance Frigate 1’s sensor array and the fire quickly spread.

The Cruiser Taken over by Calgari came to a halt, suffering from a series of explosions along the hull. A transport ship suffered further damage from the frigate’s attack, resulting in catastrophic damage and the ship being destroyed.

The fire on Alliance Cruiser 3 continued, causing minor hull damage. However, the same cruiser’s broadside caused massive damage to the Void Tearer, reducing our crew population to only 29%, and causing significant damage to all areas of the ship. We returned fire and depressurized the macrocannon on Cruiser 3, while the station fired on the cruiser’s thrusters, damaging its maneuverability.

Warning feeds were everywhere, and the usurped cruiser fell to pieces from a series of explosions, breaking in half and becoming a space hulk. One of the enemy frigates caught fire from further macrocannon fire, and Cruiser 3’s broadside to our transport ship was ineffective. More fire was exchanged between the Void Tearer and the old cruiser, but to no effect.

Finally, our macrocannon fire from the station depressurized the macrocannon on the port side of the enemy ship. Our transport ship tried to ram Cruiser 3, but the attempt was ineffective and resulted in more damage to our own ship. Fire continued to spread on the enemy frigate and the Void Tearer set fire to the crew apartments on Alliance cruiser B.

Despite the chaos of battle, Tetalos’s stirring speeches managed to lift our morale. We continue to fight with all our might, and I am confident that we will emerge victorious.

Huge spikes in warp energy reported from Augur Array and reports of ship translating into orbit. Vross scout ship followed by entire Vross fleet translated into real space, causing a rapid retreat of Alliance ships. Communications established with Vross fleet , regroup organised.

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Calgari's first and last
  • We launched during the chaos of the approach the ship providing great camouflage under the guise of surrender, the close approach meant fewer ships could be picked off before landing.
  • We approached the landing dock which appeared to be surrounded by a field generator.
    Cluggen took the shot at the shields with the onboard guns, Calgari took over and hitthe shield generator seconds before the cutter crashed into them, Calgrai led the fight off the cutter and Valentinian protected the rest of the group with their shield charging fourth bullets and las rounds ricocheting off the large boarding shield.
  • Regena – noticed a darker glass that may have a command structure hidden behind issuing cover fire Calgari utilised the meltagun on the window and ordered Cluggen to open fire but missed his shots… AGAIN!
  • Valentinian & Regena – move up to a side door and gain an exit route out of the hanger bay.
  • Calgari and Cluggen provide cover fire but Cluggan is a man possessed and instead of aiming is just holding down the trigger and swinging the gun in every direction.
  • Pluvius is shot as 3 more Calgari elite move over to the door and is wounded
    Regena was able to get the Calgari elite to lift the bulkhead door with their shovels! Once open they encountered 2 engineers trying to seal the door shut Valentinian over powers one and Regena shocks one to death with their power glove.
  • We encounter small groups as we fight our way through the tunnels of the ship, but is quiet compared to the shuttle bay, the groups we do encounter are simple soldiers with minimum training clearly not expecting to be fighting in close quarters.
  • We made it to an elevator, blowing the doors and repelling 7 floors we were able to capture an engineer who we forced to show us the direction to the bridge after a while and using the engineering tunnels we approached a vented wall which we were able to cut through and utilise to gain access to the lower levels approaching the bridge.
  • Cluggen lead the way using the meltagun to clear the way for the rest of the squad upon reaching the end of the shaft he noticed 2 larger armed guards, bursting with surprise he unloaded the meltagun into them and killed them both.
  • We then encountered small arm fire as a group approached us, we returned fire until a toxic gas begun to fill the room, we equipped rebreathers and melted our way through the bulkhead doors.
  • Ahead of us we heard conflict and came upon 2 groups infighting identifying a group who were rebelling against the captain we provided support and killed the soldiers an alliance begun as we approached the bridge.
  • In the corridors approaching the bridge the fighting became intense and we lost our brother Dargus, seeing his death we led a charge and killed the the group ahead
    We then located the security bridge with another helmet i had previously seen on the bridge of the satellite, Pluvis offered his service and joined the helmet and we left a group with him to protect him including Valentinian.
  • We are then able to find the doors to the bridge heavy bulk doors that the melta could not burn through after some effort and Pluvius able to bond somehow we opened the door and it was empty, we entered cautiously.
  • That is when Regena spotted movement across their laser sight invisible creatures approached with razor sharp blades, sustaining minor wounds we dispatched them and approached a large metallic egg in the centre of the room.
  • The group that joined us attempted to open the egg with no luck we had to find a way within the egg itself, we utilised Regenas glove and supercharged it providing a shock through the egg and trying to short the controls within, we did this multiple times as we then finally killed whatever was inside Regena giving her life to complete the task, a crispy shared corpse fell out of the pod and we could see another helmet within the case.

Final words of Caldius Calgari

The boarding action was a success but their numbers are overwhelming. We knew this was a one way trip and we did what was required of us, we gave our lives for the rest of the crew.
The ship is captainless and drifts into the darkness of space, the alarms of alert scream all around us in panic as the ship beckons for directions, i can hear the sound of guns behind us now captain, there is few of us left now and i dont see us leaving, not the way we came in at least, if these are the last words i report captain May the Void Tearer soar and never fade into the dark may the emperor protect and guide you.

In Life, War. In death, peace, In life, shame. In death, Atonement!


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Battle Report: Battle of the Throne
27th Decem M40.841
You’ve been led astray by false prophets, and a diluted faith. Cowering in the dark on the edge of the galaxy, tending to the meagre flame of your heretical religion. Your Doom was inevitable.
Chief Confessor Iairus Tetalos of The Void Tearer
You are Blind, Deaf, and open to the void. You will communicate your total surrender or be destroyed. If your commanders are too proud or foolish to make the right descision to save your sorry souls, I suggest you take matters into your own hands

You have one Solar hour to comply. Our Guns Never Tire.
Lord Captain Abel Vross


- Communication from Officer Page indicate two Light Cruiser size ships are rapidly approaching the substation.

- Void Tearer and 3 CoS ships detach from the substation and form a front, aiming to meet the Alliance ships head on.

- After Circa 2 hours Alliance Light cruiser ships with attached frigates come into full view and augur range.

- Communications from the Alliance ships demands a total surrender, offering fair hearing and trial in return. Abel rebuffs this offer and demand the Alliance ships stand down. No response to this communication.

- Alliance ships maintain course towards the substation. Void Tearer successfully carries out extensive maneuvers to move in behind the Alliance ships.

- Augur array scans identify trios of Macrocannon batteries on the Alliance Cruisers and torpedo capabilities. Comm interference successfully jams communications of Alliance Cruiser 1.

- CoS ship Zigma accelerates and makes contact with Alliance Cruiser 1, causing minor damage. Boarding shuttles are dispatched and an unknown number make contact with Alliance Cruiser 1. Friendly casualties unknown. Location and condition of Lieutenant Calgari unknown.

- Void Tearer opens fire on Alliance Cruiser 2. Macrocannon fire is absorbed by Cruiser void shields. Sunspear Lasers successfully overpower void shields and a sufficient portion of the barrage strikes and destroys the augur array of Alliance Cruiser 2, significantly impeding their targeting capabilities.

- CoS ships Zigma and Zeta affect Macrocannon Battery Fire on Cruisers 1 and 2 to no effect.

- Alliance ship 2 attempts to turn and fire on CoS ships, to no effect. Alliance ship 1 continues forwards and turns, firing on CoS ship Zeta, affecting minimal damage. Frigate fire out of range or ineffectual. Ships now in range of Substation Throne Macrocannons.

- Void Tearer continues pressure , following in the wake of Alliance Cruiser 2 and opening fire. Macrocannon fire overpowers void shields and effects significant damage to Alliance Cruiser 2’s dorsal fin, rendering dorsal Macrocannon battery unusuable. . Sunspear Lasers overpower void shields and cause significant damage to Alliance Cruiser 2’s engines, significantly impeding maneuverability. CoS frigates Macrocannon fire ineffectual. Substation Macrocannon fire ineffectual

- Lord Captain Abel Vross opens communications to Alliance Fleet, once again demanding their surrender, and demand Alliance crew overthrow Alliance officers if they refuse to surrender to save themselves.

- Alliance Cruiser 2 and frigates manage to maneuver and fire upon Void Tearer and CoS frigates Zeta and Zi. Macrocannon fire ineffectual and absorbed by Void Shields.

- Alliance Cruiser 1 continues course, making no attempt to maneuver or open fire, indicating some success from boarding parties. *

- Void Tearer once again opens fire on Alliance Cruiser 2. All fire absorbed by Void shields. CoS frigate Macrocannon fire ineffectual. Subtstation Macrocannon fire ineffectual

- Chief Confessor Tetalos opens communications to Alliance Fleet, branding them heretics but offering them redemption if they surrender. Lord Captain Abel Vross demands the Alliance Fleet surrender within the next solar hour or be destroyed.

- Alliance Ships rout, enacting full retreat from substation space. Estimated loss of crew from Alliance Cruiser 2: 10,000.


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War and Peace

26th Decem M40.841

— The bridge doors were breached via Marinus hacking the terminal. Abel opted to move into room first with entorauge and soldiers quickly folding in behind, to demonstrate authority

— Celeste had been taken captive by the mutineering splinter faction, led by Mutineer Leader. Mortessa had taken control of the ships AI interface with bridge crew held at gunpoint to continue working.

— A standoff ensued between the Captain and Mutineer Leader both attempting to assert their authority – Mutineer Leader arguing that urgent action had to be taken to counter a potential Alliance attack, and that Celeste was both delaying and leading the Children of Solar astray. Mutineer Leader eventually agreed to standown and resign control to House Vross, following heated words between the leader, Abel and Calgari, who argued that not resigning to Vross would lead to unnecessary bloodshed and loss of their support for the CoS.

— Abel ordered Celeste unbound and ungagged, which the Mutineer Leader strongly argued against, citing her as a bad influence. Abel dismissed this and mutineer soldiers stood down as Calgari and Uriah freed Celeste

— Abel declared that all voices would be heard equally, and an urgent decision democratically made as to what action to take next.

— Two pieces of communication were recieved at this time:
– Core belives she has successfully sent out an astropathic distress message using the artificial astropath , and is summoned to the bridge
– Edgar notifies Marinus of two large incoming ships, presumably two of the three Alliance Flagships, who will arrive within hours

— A debate begins between the Captain and Entourage, mutineer captain and celeste on several potential courses of action
– Fleeing from the station into the tunnels, which would prevent an escalation and conflict with the alliance ships, but abandon the station and point of origin of the astropathic message
– Attempting to parley with the alliance ships, brokering a peace and allowing time for
Imperial rescue
– Engaging the alliance ships in combat to potentially lead to a hostile takeover with the

— Abel agreed to a democratic decision from his entourage, and the decision was made to engage in combat. Abel tentatively voted for this option too, although has doubts, as this will cause maximum uncertainty for the future and loss of life.

— Plans of Engagement were made following lengthy discussion. Several CoS repurposed freigthers were to be manned by skeleton crews and used as torpedos to incapacitate one alliance ship, either ramming directly or detonating engine drives when in close proximity, while the Void Tearer. A fleet of shuttles would be used in boarding actions, with Calgari personally leading The Calgari Elite in a boarding action in the Alliance Shuttle.

— Abel and Entourage began to relocate to Void Tearer’s bridge, with Gratia left to attempt to interface with the station’s operational system and command the station’s defences.

— Abel still believes attempts at a peaceful resolution should be attempted before outright war is declared with The Alliance, although this may be fruitless, upset the Children of Solar, and lead to a deadlock. It may be too late regardless.

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The Rebel Base
Regrouping after escaping the Alliance

26th Decem M40.841

  • The Void Tearer made it’s way to a distant part of the Fatan System where the rebel group have been restoring a derelict listening station.
  • A call went out for all the rebels and free-thinkers from across the system to make their way to the base.
  • The crew explored the station an learned of a device on the station which may be able to send out astropathic signals into deep space
  • A radical splinter-faction within the rebel group made a bid for power, seizing the bridge of the space station by force and taking the rebel leader hostage. They want the rebels to mobilise and attack the Alliance ships that are likely to be searching for us.

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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

25th Decem M40.841

- Conversations were briefly continued with Celeste regarding the Navigator of House Dure, and a potential lineage – however Celeste confirmed the Navigators chose not to breed. It’s clear if Void Tearer was to leave the system reliably and travel far, they may need the assistance of a Twana.

- Gratia attempted to vox Vola again for a situation report, and to see if there were any mentions of the crew in media. Vola explained it was a constant battle between the ship’s comms attempting to reach the planet and the comm blackout.

- Abel told Vola to get the ship out from the docking station and into orbit. The crew told Celeste they needed to make way back to the ship urgently. The operations centre was rapidly packed up, and the crew were ushered to the surface and driven away from the compound.

- The crew were herded into a shuttle with a large group of vagrants, criminals and ne’er do wells. The shuttle left the planet and headed towards Void Tearer.

- Communication was made with Void Tearer to identify our shuttle. Vola was still in communication with the spaceport arguing to leave, who were threatening to fire on Void Tearer if it did.

- Finally the shuttle reached Void Tearer’s shuttle bay, and the members of Children of Solar began to herd out the refugees. A brief period of confusion ensued and it became clear that bringing the refugees aboard was part and parcel with bringing the crew and the Children of Solar to Void Tearer.

- Abel addressed the refugees, then had them organised into work roles and lodgings.

- The crew headed with Celeste to the bridge to get a breakdown of the current situation. Gratia oversaw the uploading of information brought along by the Children of Solar to the ships computers, such as maps, intelligence etc of the planet below.

-The maps provided by Celeste were used to speed away to a marked location way outside orbit. Communication disruption codes were used to aid in the escape.

- The station threatened to open fire, but utlimately did not. Void Tearer reached the safety of outer orbit.

-Morale is low. Next steps uncertain.

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Get The Hell Out Of This Town

24th Decem M40.841

- Abel checked the door for signs of activity on the other side. Muffled conversation could be heard but nothing distinguishable.

- Marinus surveyed the Capitol building with her monoculars from the suite balcony. Observed flashing lights and sirens, vehicles that appeared to be first responders and service workers rushing to the building. Marinus estimated the buildng to be 1-2km away.

- Decision was made to sneak Calgari out of the suite to see if he could get closer to the Capitol and possibly our shuttle. Calgari changed into hooded street clothes and used Marinus’s grapple hawk to descend from the balcony, successfully landing unnoticed in an alleyway.

- Gratia noted her vox crackling on and off, in and out of a signal. The faint signal came from a channel created by Enginseer Rux, linked to all tech priests. Gratia managed to establish the channel and hooked up to her servo skull.

- Vola’s voice came through. Each party appraised the other of the situation at hand. Void Tearer was being slowly approached by several other ships moving in orbit.

- Shortly after the doors to the suite opened, and a young man dressed as a guard hurried in and addressed the group in broken gothic. He advised they were in danger and that he knew a way out of the hotel. The group assessed the man and decided he was being earnest, Tetalos noting all the hallmarks of a zealot. The man identified himself as Ramak.

- Ramak led the group down through a lift into the basement, through an access hatch to the sewers below. After walking for some time they exited through a manhole to an awaiting cab. The cab driver was heavily tattooed and smoking a cigar. The cab drove them to the outskirts of town, where the driver advised them to get on the next train and go to the last top.

- Abel asked the man why they were in danger, and he explained they were believed to be to blame for the attack and were to be arrested.

- The group boarded the train which almost immediately entered a tunnel, leaving them unable to contact the ship.

- Calgari scaled several buildings to observe the attack site. Security cordons had been set up,and a large destruction radius from bombs. The place was crawling with emergency responders and security force vans.

- Calgari managed to lure a guard away into an alleway, secure him, and take his uniform. He managed to work his way past several layers of security into the Capitol buolding, where he observed more evidence of explosions but no sign of the Council, if they were alive.

- Calgari managed to hijack a security vehicle back to the hotel, which he saw swarming with armed security. Believing the group to be arrested, he fled into the back alleys of the city among the homeless population.

- The train came above ground around 2 hours after departing. Vox communication was re-established with Void Tearer, who reported Alliance ships closing in.

- The group were driven further until they arrived at a bunker. They were led through the bunker, passing many further strange men and women heacily tattooed, some with crude Aquilas.

- They were led to what appeared to be a command room. A large table covered in maps and plans covered the table, and upon entering, those surrounding the table were initially protective of the person sitting behnd it.

- The person on the far side of the table revealed themselves to be a young woman who led the members of the Children of Solar. she told the story of House Dure’s arrival to the planet, and how she was a direct descendent of their lineage, carrying down a psyker gene.

- She tried to explain how the Children of Solar we justified in their actions, oppressed from spreading their religion.

-Communication received from Void Tearer confirming Alliance ships were moving in aggressively.

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